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Old 9th May 2014, 10:26 AM
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Default my photobucket album

Hey everyone,

I hope this works. Here's some photos of my fusion. I now have a waist line!!! My rib hump has gone but I have soft tissue swelling in it's place. I can't stand up straight at the moment so I am only 1" taller post-op,but maybe after the physio and hydro therapy I will be even taller!!. Most importantly the rotation has been corrected.

Thanks to those of you who helped via a photobucket account.

Lucie x
I'm 44, I had a scoliosis: thoracic at 49 degrees, lumbar 47 with severe rib rotation. My surgery took place on 28th March 2014, I have 26 screws and 2 titanium rods.
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Old 9th May 2014, 10:43 AM
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Default Re: my photobucket album

Lookin' good!!
Me, a Mod? Nah ... I'll always be a rocker
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Old 11th May 2014, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: my photobucket album

Wow, Lucie - you incision is healing up so nicely, It's already such a thin scar! Your before/after xrays are such a dramatic difference. So exciting!!

And on an unrelated note... I have the EXACT same pajama pants as you (the ones with the stars). We both obviously have excellent fashion sense!
- Kay

I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Kyphosis at age 16. I had an 80-degree thoracolumbar kyphosis and mild scoliosis. My posterior fusion surgery was performed by Dr. Sethi in Seattle on Earth Day 2014. It reduced my kyphosis to 50 degrees and my scoliosis to about zero.
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Old 11th May 2014, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: my photobucket album

Looking great, that's a scar to be proud of!
Thoracic 72 degrees, lumber 30 degrees-fused aged 44, T2-L4, posterior fusion with costoplasty (8 ribs were chopped) on 3/11/10 under the care of Mr Ahmed at North Staffs Hospital. Now nice and straight
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Old 12th May 2014, 06:40 PM
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Default Re: my photobucket album

Looks like you healing very well, hope your recovery is going smoothly for you.
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