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Old 27th December 2011, 06:24 PM
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Default Pulled muscle in back diagnosis?

Hey guys,

I went to my GP today re the pain and aches I'm experiencing in my left shoulder, there is an area in the centre of my shoulder, to the left of my spine where I experience pain when I touch and the pain/aches seem to radiate from there. He said that area was my shoulder muscle and said I'd likely pulled a muscle, unrelated to the operation. He has advised anti inflammatory tablets and some exercises... What do you guys think? I have no problems at all on my right upper back/shoulder, and the pain goes away when I lie down and is relieved during the day with gentle massage.

Has anyone here had a similar problem or this sounds familiar? How did you best treat the problem and how long did it take to heal? I've been having this problem for around 3 months now.

Thanks guys for all your help xx
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