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Old 24th July 2014, 02:41 PM
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Default any success with Scoliosis Gold for older people?

I'm at my wit's end. Having always led an independent and active life, I now find I'm very limited in what I can do physically -- like house and yard chores -- because of back pain. I have a 42% scoliosis curve and physical therapy has not helped. Should I spend the money to go to London to the Scoliosis Gold Clinic? Of course, I have no idea how much money it would cost.
Thanks for any help.
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Old 28th July 2014, 03:41 PM
Languagelady Languagelady is offline
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Default Re: any success with Scoliosis Gold for older people?

PS Has anyone in this forum used Scoliosis Gold in London?
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Old 29th July 2014, 03:23 AM
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Default Re: any success with Scoliosis Gold for older people?

Originally Posted by Languagelady View Post
Of course, I have no idea how much money it would cost.
Thanks for any help.
Put your seatbelt on, its not going to be cheap, that I can guarantee 100%

I have done many different methods of alternative therapy over decades and none of these methods really worked as far as “correcting” Cobb angles on a “permanent” basis. And none of this matters all that much as we get older since degeneration eventually sets in and becomes the main priority over curves.....This is evident since there are many people out there with HUGE curves and no pain. People can and do live with huge curves, and never have surgery and people that do have their surgeries are usually done because of pain, like myself.
Spinal stenosis and herniated discs are not cured by alternative methods. Chiropractic is absolutely USELESS for herniated discs. Been there, done that. Stenosis of the spinal cord can only be cured with surgery, and only a scoliosis specialist can decide which surgical path to choose. Herniation’s with NSAID’s and steroids, and rest. Seeing a scoliosis surgeon first for an evaluation to rule out things is very important. Let that person dictate your scoliosis path.

Its funny how the before and after x-rays look very similar and you would swear that the correction would only be just a few degrees, but it state’s a 10 degree improvement. The only people that are truly qualified to measure are scoliosis surgeons themselves...and I would say that all the others are within +/- 5 degrees. If there is this much error in measurement, a few degrees doesn’t matter all that much when you think about it. Since we shrink as we go through the day, you want to shoot x-rays at the same time. If a new patient comes in, you shoot the before in the afternoon, and the after in the morning. And there is your 5 degree improvement that cost you a bundle of money and a bunch of effort. Alternative methods take commitment. Lifetime commitment. If you stop, your curves will return quickly.

If I had all the money I spent on alternative therapy since 1986, it would buy a house.....I don’t regret it since it did make me feel better and did buy me time while waiting for technology to improve through the years. Things have gotten better as far as surgery is concerned in the last 40 years since I was diagnosed. I was a surgical candidate in 1974, and waited 34 years.

If you go down or call on the phone expressing an interest and don’t follow through and they keep calling you on the phone like a car salesman might do to sell a car, that’s not good.....In fact, its VERY CHEESY!!!! No medical professional does this.

If they want money UP FRONT, lets say for a 10 or 20 session package, that’s another REALLY BAD SIGN. Again, No medical professional with any integrity does this. If they want you to purchase any sorts of devices, (that they just happen to sell) get the idea.

The cheapest form of pain therapy is laying down, the next is a hot water soak....Ocean therapy is also cheap, but probably too cold in England....Brrr.

Having an NSAID prescribed by a doctor is a good thing to have in your medicine cabinet. They will help you maintain if you should have a major pain event. I have used Celebrex, Bextra, Naproxen, and Diclofenac. Please read the fine print and never ever abuse medications.


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Old 31st July 2014, 11:46 PM
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Default Re: any success with Scoliosis Gold for older people?

I went to Scoliosis SOS in my early 30s, I'm now 40.
When I do the prescribed exercises, it helps enormously. I get zero pain, my back feels really strong and my posture is much better. The downside is that I never find enough hours in the day to do the exercises. I only do the exercises a couple of times a week and my back very quickly goes back to looking very curved again.

So if you have time and commitment, it can be great! I just wish I had these things ...
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