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Old 19th July 2014, 02:19 AM
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Default Getting Worse

Hi, I am in the biggest funk in my entire life and the pain in my back seems to be getting worse. I originally had spinal stenosis and not one doctor would do anything for me. I did my research and saw that a laminectomy would help. No one would it. 6 yrs. go by with the nerve pain and I woke up screaming, called 911 and finally was going to get the laminectomy. Turns out the doctor was on probation for doing drugs, stealing them from patients yet allowed to operate. He cut off too much bone and it caused me to get scoliosis and have my spine collapse. I worked out everyday for decades and loved it. I am so depressed, my son is elsewhere with my granddaughter I have never seen, my husband is sick and what was once a happy and full life is gone. I feel pinches in my back. After this extensive surgery I was moving well, felt great and now feel terrible. Any ideas at all would be appreciated. I even thought of having it removed. It feels so heavy. Does it ever get better, more comfortable? I am so down. Thank you.
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