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Default Re: Introduction- Surgery in 3 days

So glad to hear your doing so well Hayley
Diagnosed at 14 in '08 and i have Neurofibromatosis Tpye 1 + Neuromuscular Kyposcoliosis in the Thoraco-lumber region (T-65* L60* if what i interpret is correct).
Had surgery 08/05/14, fused C5-T12! By the wonderful and amazing, Mr Bernard. And then an Anterior Iliac Strut graft in my neck/ chest on the 05/06/14
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Default Re: Introduction- Surgery in 3 days

Originally Posted by indiekelly View Post
Ahh thats brilliant!! Such a quick recovery is so inspiring.

Still trying to debate having it i feel very certain one day then the next the opposite but I until have December to decide so a while yet!
I know exactly what you mean! I was the exact same way up until surgery- I met with the doctor in December and didn't have the operation until June, so there were a few months of it gnawing in the back of my mind. I recommend exercise, do some spine stretches and eat REALLY well- It helps to feel prepared, even if you haven't decided 100%. It almost incentivizes you, because you'll be thinking "I've done all this preparation, I can't back out now!"

If you decide to go for it, know it'll be a-Ok. The time will pass quickly, and you'll get a nice long break from obligations and many, many well-wishes from people.

So glad to hear your doing so well Hayley
Thanks Jay! You also
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