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Old 15th April 2014, 10:45 PM
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Default Re: Advice would be great

Hi Laura
I was in the same situation as you 12 months ago. I'm 39 and I had correction surgery on jan 22nd this year. 11 wks ago. I knew I couldn't go on the way I was. I weighed it all up and did it. You have to be positive if your going to have surgery because it is tough for the first 6/8 weeks. But I haven't looked back. I have two sons who are 5 and 9. Having young children forces you to get well. Good luck with whatever you decide. My surgeon said they know that people with scoliosis deteriorate on average of 2% each year and in the last three years my rib hump became very prominent. I was very lucky to get away with t5-l1 fusion with no costoplasty but I still have awful nerve and muscle pain. It feels like electric shocks but I have a perfectly straight back and I can't stop looking at it!! Lol. The rest will improve with time and if your going to do it do it sooner rather than later whilst your bones are still healthy.
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Old 17th April 2014, 10:36 AM
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Default Re: Advice would be great

Thank you teri2809,
I'm going back in Oct to see surgeon I will have more xrays and that would have been 18months since my last set so may see some sort of progression......but with the whole 5 degree each way barrier I'm not sure how it will be helpful as from the same last xray my surgeon said it was 53 then his spinal fellow said it was 50, not much in it I know but it is when your trying to monitor progression, with the physio it has helped reduce the pain I was experiencing, so life does seem to be a bit easier at the no, and my youngest child is 3 in the summer so if surgery does fall on my path then the older my children are will be better indeed!
I hope your recovery is still going well, and im very glad to hear you are very impressed with your new straight back! Must feel very strange indeed i cant imagine being even slightly symmetrical
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