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Old 31st March 2014, 06:04 AM
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Question Seeking 2nd opinion in the US.

I live in Kansas and have recently gone to my first specialist appointment since 2003. He was from Kansas City and he is the only one near me so now I am ready to travel.

In 2010 I was a double curve "S" at 36* and 30*. I am now 51.8* and 36*. That's about 13* over 4 years. The specialist said that the last 2 discs are bad, degenerated and bulging with a small tear and that although I would benefit from a fusion as far as stopping the curve he thinks I would be in greater pain because the heavy fusion would be sitting on those discs so there was nothing he could do. I find this odd because he also told me upon viewing only the new xrays that it would stay the same degree and IF it progressed it wouldn't be but .5* a year. I told him I felt as though I may have gotten worse since 2010 and that's when he looked at the old xrays. He actually got a protractor out because he said that couldn't be correct. Nope I indeed had gotten worse. Advised me to stay active and work my core. In 2010 I took personal training courses through our local gym and I am in the best shape iv ever been in, the pain has now become unbearable and that was the response I got from the long awaited appointment.

First question is does any one have suggestions as far as the US go? I am looking into Dr. Geck from Austin Texas, He is known for the minimally invasive approach. And also I would like to know if anyone has an opinion on what I was told? I cant be the only person who had bad discs and needed a fusion? I am scared of my future at a 2.75* increase every year? I just want it stopped. HELP!

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
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