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Old 7th March 2014, 08:02 AM
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Default Told on Wednesday my 15yo needs an op

Hi, I live in Kent, my daughter and i went to GOSH on Wednesday for a 6 month check, we didn't expect the consultant to say she needed an operation. He was running quite late he just said, its moved, she needs an operation and where do you want your scar. We were quite taken aback and didn't really ask any questions. Now, I don't know what happens next???? i did say we can't really do the op till the end of her school year as she has exams, but should it be done sooner??? questions questions...she has gone from 32 to 45 half straight its her bottom half that's bent Thanks Caroline
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Old 7th March 2014, 09:42 AM
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Default Re: Told on Wednesday my 15yo needs an op

Hi and welcome

I'm also quite new to this site so I'm sure there are people who can offer more advise but firstly I am struck by the fact that your daughters consultant didn't explain more.

Has your daughters curve deteriorated that much in six months?? Are you uk based?

I was diagnosed at 13 with s shaped (2) curves. The upper one being worse. Through fitness over the years I was stable but over the last few years mine has deteriorated and a rib hump showed in my back. It was disgusting. I'm 39 now and have just had correction surgery.
Suggestions I would make
Make another appt with surgeon and go armed with every question written down.
That's a huge progression in a short period of time. How does it effect your daughter??
Young bones/bodies heal quicker!!
Is your daughter braced?

I can understand that you must be really concerned and confused about whats the best for your daughter right now. It will be easier to make that decision with all of the questions answered by the surgeon. If an appt is too far away, speak with his secretary and ask to email your questions.

I'm happy to tell you more about my experience of the op if you'd like me to and I'm sure there are younger people on here who your daughter can relate to age wise.
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Old 7th March 2014, 10:09 AM
caroline baker caroline baker is offline
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Default Re: Told on Wednesday my 15yo needs an op

Hi Teri, thanks for your reply
Yes I am in the UK in Kent,
My daughter has not had an option of a brace, i asked when would the op be he said well i can't do it this month, and to be honest i was just taken aback, and paniced as she has exams, but now i wander if she should have it sooner rather than later.
You said about your rib hump i am sure that has got worse on Tasha and her hip sticks out (she can hang a bag on it). The problem with the appointment was the clinic was running very late, and i guess he was in a rush ........ so is my first port of call to call his secretary?
Thanks for your advice i am a bit shell shocked, we were prepared in september for them to say brace or op but the man we saw then said come back in 6 months but he implied he didn't think it would move any more .... so we just weren't at all prepared.
where did you have your operation ?
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Old 7th March 2014, 10:42 AM
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Default Re: Told on Wednesday my 15yo needs an op

Blimey, that must have come as quite a shock and whether or not he was running late, your daughter's consultant should have taken the time to explain in more detail - after all, you had waited all that time to see him!

I would suggest either e-mailing or writing to the consultant (possibly via his secretary as she will know his communication preference) with a list of any questions you may have. Or, better still, ask for a further appointment to discuss the situation.
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Old 9th March 2014, 05:55 PM
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Default Re: Told on Wednesday my 15yo needs an op

You poor thing. I can only imagine the stress this had caused you as a family.
I live in Staffordshire and had my surgery in Stoke. Mr Ahmed being my surgeon.

I would suggest ASAP speaking with the consultants secretary and explaining that your consultation was a little rushed and you were overwhelmed and ask if you can email questions.

I felt the same with the last consultant I saw and his attitude and people skills (or lack of them) really devastated me. I then asked for a second opinion.
It's really important to have a surgeon who you can openly question and whom you have rapport with and above all whom you trust and have confidence in. At the end of the day it's major surgery we your daughter is facing.

Don't panic though I know several people who after consultation have lots of questions and I'm sure most good surgeons expect it. Thing is its work to them. To us its our life lol. Good luck and let us know how you get on x
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