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Old 9th January 2014, 03:54 PM
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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Thanks, Toni. I knew some of the mutations and transformations of CLEAR, but I'd missed a bunch.

I've seen (read) Stizel and Morningstar in discussion (about bracing) and I'd been impressed with Morningstar's scientific demeanor - he seemed genuinely interested in understanding. So, I'd held out a little more hope for his ideas. But, so far, that hope has not been fruitful

I do wish the ratio of nonsense to noise in the conservative treatment realm of scoliosis would shift a little. It casts a black cloud over everyone interested in this area. I find I'm forever saying "Yes, I understand that *most* of them are snake oil salesmen, but *this* guy/gal/team appear to be honest."

We really deserve a little more honesty and a little less snake oil, IMO. I wish we still had someone with the stature of Dr. Mehta in this area. I assume that will be a long time in coming round again.
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