Don't be afraid to use a bedpan! It's embarassing, but it's better than wetting yourself, or worse, hurting yourself trying to get to the bathroom (not to mention sitting down, cleaning up and then standing up)! Plus the nurses do that all the time.

Don't be afraid to hit that morphine button! My mom had to remind me about it all the time because I'd be groaning in pain and completely forget that I don't have to be! (Of course, some people will have an easier time with that than others...)

My mom used straight vitamin E on my scar and it's not even noticable in most photographs now (11 years later). Just get a bottle of Vitamin E gel caps, break them open, and have someone smear the stuff on your scar once it's begun healing.

And my last point... Try not to be self-conscious about your scar... I read about people going for years trying to cover it up, never wearing tank tops or anything low-backed, because they felt like it was "ugly"... Embrace your scar! Embrace your metal! Scars are beautiful, because they make us more human. Plus, you'll never lose in a battle-wound competition! I show off my scar as much as I show off my tattoos!