Ok, as discussed with Lynn in Lisa's thread, it occurred to me that a lot of people who come on this site (like me, when I first joined!) have never had any major surgery and go into the whole experience without knowing some of the things that can prove most helpful.
The "what to take to hospital" list is amazingly useful, but I thought if we could back it up with some of our knowledge it might help some people?

I'm thinking about things (both important and tiny little tricks) that I didn't know when I went in, like -

1) you can ask to see the pain specialist/team if you're really struggling with either pain or the effects of the meds they have you on, and you'll then be under the care of pain nurses as well which can really help.

2) if you are in the night before your surgery you can ask for a sleeping tablet to help you sleep if you're nervous, and

3) you can ask for a "premed" for before you go down to surgery if you're really scared and think you'll panic!

4) if the morphine etc is making you feel sick all the time you can ask for antinausea meds so you can keep some food down which will make you feel better.

5) if you're claustrophobic or just feel a bit ick with the oxygen mask over your face you have the clip that goes into your nose instead and doesn't dry out your face and mouth.

6) something which you all told Michael when I was in hospital that worked brilliantly - make a fuss if something's not right, don't just accept it!

Um, that's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure everyone has some ideas of things that helped them when they were in?