Hi All,

I only found this website a couple of days ago but have found some really useful info in such a short space of time!!

Anyhow, I just wanted to let u all know that I went for a free consultation at the clinic today and have just got back to my house.

I just wanted to add my views as someone may find it helpful as I have reading other peoples. Fyi... I have actually booked a place on the course starting on this coming Monday 26th Jan.

On walking in, I imagined it to be quite a lot larger than what it was. I was very clean and everybody had to take their shoes off (the floor was lovely and warm though) lol!!

I saw many Thank You cards and reading them gave a positive 1st impression; although Im sure if they have had complaint letters they wont be on display!!

Anyhow, I was unsure about what the clinic was about and also although I knew I had Scoliosis, I didnt ever fully understand it (btw... Im a 23 yr old male who developed Scoliosis at 16). The surgeons I had seen didnt give half as much info in terms that I understood as the girl who did the consultation did. She was so helpful and kind and explained things really well.

I felt very comfortable asking the questions I wanted to and they provided answers to all.

My main concern about my back was my breathing and the pain and discomfort I am in. I feel confident that if I work hard with what they do, it will really benefit me.

I did feel a little under pressure to give an answer there and then but I dont know if thats because they knew I wanted to be on the course on Monday due to work reasons.

I have also book my accommodation through them at 100 per week for a single room. They also have accom which can have 2 people stay in as in a patient and parent. It is situated about 5 mins away from the clinic with good facilities around such as pubs serving good food ( I tried dinner and tea) and a large Tesco.

I must say though when we went into the office upstairs to pay the money and do forms etc.. I saw the Erika who has set it up. I would have thought she would have introduced herself slightly better and a bit of conversation as people have to pay a lot of money to go there. She was probably busy but I would have made the effort as there are only 3 people in the office! Im sure she will introduce herself on Monday!! lol

Luckily for me, my parents have paid for the treatment but all in all with travel and living expenses plus the clinic costs it will be in the regions of 4000. It is a very lot of money but only someone suffering with the condition could understand the benefits as my breathing is really bad.

Im sorry Im babbling on... nrly done!! I also feel that although this will have health benefits, I think my understanding of the condition will be a lot greater. I also feel a HUGE thing i will take from this is confidence and feel emotionally I will benefit a hell of a lot.

In summary, Im really excited but very nervous about the next month and was very happy with what I saw at the clinic. Also, my parents did come with me and they were very impressed; they were extremely sceptical about the clinic before hand!!

Well I thinks thats my essay complete now so looking forward to Monday a great deal and hope all goes well and cant wait to meet and befriend people in my situation.

I would like to think that someone will find something helpful out of the above but if anyone would like to ask any questions, Id be more than happy to help if I have the answer.