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Thread: How the request forum works

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    Default How the request forum works

    Don't worry if you don't see your post! They will be remaining moderated, ie hidden, so that they are only visible to staff, but we can see them and will deal with the requests as quickly as we can.

    Please give a valid, up to date email address, otherwise we won't be able to get the password to you.

    Thanks for bearing with us!

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    Default Re: How the request forum works

    Hi folks

    It's Leona ( BarmyArmy) from the previous version of this board attempting for the second time to get back on here. I tried before Christmas but since no one has been in touch I'm guessing something went wrong with my post.

    I'd love to say hi to my old mates on here and still use my old username and get access to the info in my inbox, I think I have contact details saved in there that I'd like to get to. I'd rather not re-register with a new username so I'd appreciate it if the magical elves of teh board can do some tweaking and get me back.

    I can be contacted on the following email address...... leona@blethers.com


    Leona (the mad kids bookseller from Dundee)

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