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    In this section I am planning to put links to articles/ websites which I have found informative and/or useful.

    You won't be able to respond to it in here, as I pin and lock the subject, but will make a separate thread on the unlocked part of the forum, so you can comment/respond if you want to.

    Happy to add any other links if suggested.

    Useful links

    1) An enormous collection of links to other, mainly brace related, sites, with pictures of various braces added.

    2) This is the website of the spinecorporation, the manufacturer of the Spinecor brace, with everything on it you might want to know about this brace.

    3) UK based company selling special vests to be worn under braces. Expensive, but can increase comfort. They'll take orders by phone from individuals.

    4) A very comprehensive overview of all aspects of scoliosis, mainly written for a medical audience, but still accesible enough and full of useful information or for a shorter overview, fairly easy to read go to

    5) Measured resistance torso rotation exercises to stabilise or improve scoliotic curves, does it work? The sample is small, so one has to be very carefull to draw conclusions. Still, the theoretical background and the priciples behind the approach are fascinating, worth reading just for that.

    Interesting links

    1) Some beautiful images of amongst others, people with scoliosis
    (go to gallery > view gallery of the "visible skeleton series" ) This side gives some further background to the material

    Problems associated with scoliosis
    1) Pain; This document gives some of the general principles of painmanagement, and describes some of the medications available

    2) Pain; , very comprehensive document, aimed at medical professionals, about the management of chronic pain. Become an expert in about half a day (it is lengthy)

    3) Depression; A problem that keeps on popping up on these pages, and no wonder; chronic pain, limitations in daily life, selfimage problems; they all can contribute to the development of depression. How to recognise it, how to treat it? A good overview, with links to other sites
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