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Thread: Problems with Haital Hernia?

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    Default Problems with Haital Hernia?

    I was just told my CT showed a hiatal hernia and have been told need to see gastro doc. I was trying to do some research and it looks like this might be common in - I was wondering if anyonekyphosis patients. I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with this as their curve has grown. Note: I was at 90+ five years ago and haven't been measured since.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Problems with Haital Hernia?

    Hi Leah

    Sorry to read about the hernia, I have not suffered one and I don't remember anyone else mentioning it on here

    Sorry I can not be of any more help

    I hope you manage to resolve the problem

    Take care

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    Default Re: Problems with Haital Hernia?

    I have this also. I am amazed of how many other ailments we all suffer from due to our spines.

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