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Thread: Does this look like Scheuermann's disease?

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    Default Does this look like Scheuermann's disease?

    I've had some lower back tension as well as lower, mid, and upper back pain.
    So I was wondering if this looks like scheuermanns disease?
    [IMG]<a href="" title="image by mejohnathon, on Flickr"><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="image"></a>[/IMG]

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    Default Re: Does this look like Scheuermann's disease?

    Hi Johnathon and welcome to the forum!

    Your picture isn't coming up. Could you try reposting it with Tinypic or Photobucket?

    Sorry to hear you back is causing you pain. I don't think anyone here could tell you for sure from a photo if you have Scheuermann's but we hopefully can offer some idea.
    - Kay

    I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Kyphosis at age 16. I had an 80-degree thoracolumbar kyphosis and mild scoliosis. 30 years later, I had posterior fusion surgery, expertly handled by Dr. Sethi on Earth Day 2014. The surgery reduced my kyphosis to 50 degrees and my scoliosis to about zero.

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