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    I have a apointment this week for the chronic pain clinic, not at stanmore though, should i wait untill after ive seen mr gibson in two weeks time ,who can maybe shed some light on whats going on ? or go to the apt,and just show the pain clinic my last years mri report? my gp thinks injections will help, can they inject with out knowing whats really happening inside is my question?

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    It can be very useful to see the Pain Clnic - there is a lot they can do without needing MRI scans etc. An experienced pain management doctor can feel your spinal muscles for spasms and do trigger-point injections accordingly. I've even had very effective injections done by a GP at my surgery.

    In addition the Pain Clinic will have the time to help you work out methods that can help you manage your pain in all sorts of ways that Mr Gibson won't be able to.

    If I were you I'd go to the Pain Clinic and take whatever treatment they offer, as any remaining pain that you have by the time your appt with Mr Gibson comes round will then help him to pinpoint more effective treatment for you.

    Good luck! xx
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    I think this is one approach but I also think it depends.

    My experience is that the pain clinics are a bit lightweight - and know nothing about scoliosis. I went and the doc asked me to lie down and felt my back for 5 minutes and concluded that injections would not help the pain as it was all over my spine. I jump massively when ever anyone pokes at my back indiscriminately . She said that I was merely depressed. This is after Mr Tucker the scoliosis specialist had recommended them. The pain doc did not have this information in my notes. I did say that I felt that I should be standing up for the examination but she took no notice.

    I think if the communication is set up correctly and your consultant thinks that the injections will be helpful he will say and then you need to make sure that this information is written down and forwarded to the pain clinic. Otherwise you may end up confused and having a wasted appointment. I think the consultant should co-ordinate the treatment if at all possible

    Good luck
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    thanks guys ,il go and see what they say and show them my last mri report

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