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Thread: Is it okay to do manual work with kyphosis?

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    Default Is it okay to do manual work with kyphosis?


    I have moderate Scheuermann’s kyphosis and I am 23, I've not had surgery for it. My question is whether it is okay for someone with my condition to have a job that involves manual labour. More specifically things like labouring on a construction site and re-decorating etc. Its only a summer job but I have done it for the last couple of summers without too much trouble. I am just worried I may be causing myself problems further down the line. I understand that anybody with a physical job must be careful of their backs but should I avoid this kind of work all together because of my kyphosis?



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    Default Re: Is it okay to do manual work with kyphosis?

    My experience is that physical work is beneficial for my back, and I have a very severe kyphosis at 104 degrees. However, I try to avoid heavy lifting, and I _never_ lift heavy objects using my back actively. If I need to lift something I try to straighten my back as far as possible and use my legs/knees for the lifting. I recommend that you stay active but try to avoid excessive lifting. Use tools/lifts/trucks for the heavy stuff.

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    Toref had a great response to your question, I just wanted to add that I agree it's important to 'workout' your spine and not baby it - at least in my experience. I just made sure to always practice proper bending and lifting techniques and wore a low-back support brace. I found that my spinal imbalance made me a bit more prone to pain/wear-and-tear so it was important to be careful and use the right techniques. Still, I think the benefits of being active outweigh concerns for injury, just as long as you're careful.
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    I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Kyphosis at age 16. I had an 80-degree thoracolumbar kyphosis and mild scoliosis. 30 years later, I had posterior fusion surgery, expertly handled by Dr. Sethi on Earth Day 2014. The surgery reduced my kyphosis to 50 degrees and my scoliosis to about zero.

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    My only advice would be careful lifting heavy things, I used to find that I was really in a lot of pain the day after I had done any lifting
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