My 10 year old daughter Saffy was diagnosed with Scoliosis in April after I noticed that the right side of her back was larger than the left.

Our GP referred us to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore and we had our initial consultation with Mr Noordeen this morning.

Our appointment went well and I went armed with lots of questions as a result of the information on this forum. After having an x-Ray we were told that Saffy has a right sided curve in the top half of her spine which measures 51.8 degrees.

Mr Noordeen has recommended that she wear a brace which she will need to wear for 19 hours a day including sleeping in it. Our next step is to wait for an appointment to get her measured for brace to be made.

My questions are what is the best type of vest or tshirt to wear underneath the brace. Are there any good seamless cotton top suppliers in the UK that I can source some?

How long does it usually take to get the brace made once I go to the appointment to get Saffy measured up? I completely forgot to ask as my mind was going a mile a minute this morning. It would be nice to get her accustomed to wearing it during the summer holidays but I'm not sure if my timelines are wishful thinking and that it will take a lot longer.

How did your children cope with wearing a brace to school? We have a school nurse who I have spoken to at length and she has suggested maybe doing an assembly to Saffy's year all about scoliosis. I think it is a good idea but want to make sure Saffy is happy for it to be discussed so that her friends can learn more about scoliosis and why she needs to wear a brace.

Also has anyone had any success with the brace reducing the curve or stopping it from progressing further?