hey everyone I just want to update on my foot appt. I checked in at the fount desk. after waiting for a while a nurse called my name. I got my vitals taken I had a fever but I felt fine. I had x-rays done. went back to the nurse station.After waiting for a while I was taken to a exam room. After that I took my shoe and boot off. a while later Dr Sheridan came in to the room he put my x-rays up. he then examined my feet. Then he said it looks like new bone is starting to form. He then went to get Dr Giza. Dr Giza and Sheridan came in the room. Dr Giza said that he want to see if this will heal on it own. he said if it don't he need to put a screw in my foot. Im in a different boot until I go back on august 7th.
I really need a hug because I'm scared. Plus it turns out to be a jones fracture