History: 90+ (probably more now last measured 3 or more years ago) curve Kyphosis - unable to have surgery currently due to severe reactions/allergies to pain medications

I have been having a chronic dry cough for a few weeks with shortness of breath and some chest pain. I currently suffer from mild asthma and restrictive lung disease (from the actual kyphosis) but this is seems much different. I usually only get problems when I moved around and do activities. This is when I am just sitting around or even going to bed.

One of my doctors (who treat me for something else) mentioned that he thinks my blood flow is being cut off and that might be a reason I cannot breath and am coughing with other symptoms. My Pulse ox is 99 but I feel like I have lower oxygen at times. My inhaler doesn't seem to help much at all.

Anyone else have these type of symptoms. I am going to my primary to see if anything else is going on and then might have to go to pulmonologist too. Thanks everyone. Blessings!