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    Hi all, I have put off writing a post for some time. I now feel is the time to with with my experience of living with Kyphosis/ Scheuermann's disease.

    I have graduated from University (lived the whole student life to the full), bought a house, got engaged, got a good job and best of all have a lovely baby daughter. From the outside I have the perfect life. It is inside that I am a different person. Psychologically I feel a bit of a mess, every part of my everyday life is controlled by my back and body. I am very self conscious, making sure I go places where I don't have to show my back off for too long. It is a constant daily battle that I don't think any others around me understand. I am in near constant pain with the disease but it has been that long living with it now I have got used to it. I have adapted my life to living with it, standing up straight as much as possible. So far I have 'winged it' as such.

    I visited my local GP a couple of months ago who referred me for physio, I attended 1 session after an x-ray which confirmed my spine had fused. As such I was told they did not want to touch my back as anything physical may damage it.

    So here we are to today, I have a physio follow up appointment with my GP next week. I had a call off him on Tuesday where he basically said don't get my hopes up, there is not much the hospital will be able to do, do I want a big scar from surgery, the NHS has had budget cuts, etc..I was n total shock!

    I have attached pictures, all help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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