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Thread: My latest appt

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayMoe View Post
    I totally forgot about this window they give you after they discharge you, so i'll try and keep that in mind for the future. And thanks for the little info on how long people are normally under the care of someone, as i was wondering the other day how long it is.

    But it's all sounding great for you here's to a new life
    Thank you for your lovely comments Jay

    I'm not sure the 6 month window applies to everyone's hospital you would gave to ask. I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't called and asked, all my surgeon said was to give them a call if there's any problems.

    I'm not sure about a new life but I am more content with things now, especially now I know there's nothing wrong. I did some gardening today as well as stripping a bed and normally I wouldn't contemplate it but I just felt very stiff. Six months ago I would have been in pain and would avoid things like that but now I know I can cope with it.

    Hope your continuing to do well xx
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    Hi Sarah

    I am so glad you are feeling easier and in a happier place, you so deserve to be happy with everything you have been through

    Take care

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