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Ooh Jeb Corliss- he was on The Colbert Report a few years back. Honestly flying around in that wingsuit looks like the most fun a person could have. I'd love to if given the opportunity! Something tells me I'd chicken out big time though. My legs would freeze up on the side of the cliff and everyone would laugh
It takes a lot of experience in parachuting and base jumping before strapping on your Batman suit! It takes years of experience, and knowhow to progress to that level. The wingsuit manufacturing community will not sell you a suit unless they see your credentials. The guy in the video below sold a few motorcycles to raise up the cash for his jumps to do this. It takes thousands of dollars in plane and helicopter rides to progress, its not a cheap sport. Its very cool however.

Here is another vid....Switzerland

I have a thread on NSF about fear based decisions.....along with these videos. There are similarities. The anxiety I had while ski jumping when I was young was intense. But then again I did very high jumps all my life and destroyed my spine from all the hard landings. What a rush! I wouldn’t change a thing. Even with all the surgeries and all. I moved to lake Tahoe 32 years ago for all the deep powder and huge air.

My wings are clipped now so no more jumping.....Doctors orders. I cant handle anymore heavy duty crashes....

Its so much cheaper sticking to Hee-Haw. LOL