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    Last Nov my daughter aged 10 (she is now 11) was diagnosed with scoliosis after I noticed her back changing at that time her curves were 46 and 41 and the plan was to monitor it until she completed her growth BUT over the past few weeks it has progressed and x-rays taken last Friday showed them at 70 and 71 surgery has been booked for the 18th of June! Just wondering what to expect How long is she going to be in pain etc

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    I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's curves have increased so suddenly. We've had quite a few parents who've posted here about their experiences over the years - in fact, Rachie seldom posts any more as her daughter is doing so well. I mention her specifically, because of something she was told by her daughter's surgeon, which is that a rapidly progressing curve is generally going to be a flexible one - so there's good hope that your daughter should get a very good correction

    These days, the kids tend to do amazingly well, usually spending only a few days in hospital, and often not taking any painkillers after a couple of weeks at most! That's not to say that she won't tend to be tired and achy for some time beyond that, but once the initial (often rough) few days are out of the way, you'll quite likely find that far from being in a lot of pain, in fact you're trying to restrain her from doing too much

    Please ask any specific questions you have, and we'll do our best to help, and we look forward to hearing about how it's gone. Remember we're here for you, even if it's just somewhere to get a virtual hug
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    Hi Koda

    That must have been quite a shock!! Kids tend to bounce back so quickly though, I'm sure she won't be held down for too long. I have no experience with childhood surgery, so can't really help re timescales and such, but if you have a read through some of the other parent's threads I'm sure it will make you feel more positive. Please stay in touch
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    Hi Koda, sorry to hear that your daughter needs surgery, but as the others have said, she'll bounce back quickly and will be here 'usual' self in no time. But the first couple of days are the hardest, but they get better and she will be up and walking again in no time, all be it very slowly, but she should pick it up in no time and will be able to walk unassisted shortly after

    So I hope it all goes well for her on the day and if you're able to keep up updated on how shes doing

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    Hi Koda,

    I rarely post on this forum these days but my daughter's situation, apart from being diagnosed at the age of 15 was almost identical to your daughter.

    She was diagnosed with double structural curves with similar angles, which rapidly progressed within the same time scale. She was diagnosed in November and had surgery the following July.
    She was in hospital for a week and only needed paracetamol for about a week after coming home. She returned to school in September and just tried to continue as normal. Looking back, it was hard and she did get very tired but also it was a tough academic year and there was a lot of exam pressure (hopefully, your daughter being much younger won't have this).
    Before surgery, I was worried that the more the curves progressed, the less likely she would get a good correction, but the surgeon reassured us that it was retrievable and she got an excellent correction. She is now nearly 4 years post-op and has never looked back!
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    Good luck to your daughter koda
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