I Had Multiple scoliosis surgery 2006 - Plastic surgery 2009.

Some days i can be fine sometimes i cant move for up to 4 days is my longest, my back stiffs up and cant move, sometimes if i sit down it locks and i cant move, ive been to the doctors and gave me painkillers so many tramadol doesnt touch me anymore. i can't do anything that i used to be able to do, i cant bend, lay sport, long walks, gardening, cant lay in a normal bed i have had to move slats from under my bed, doctors say that nothing has chaged in my bank its impossible, but its hard to think that 4 years ago i was fine, only changed 3 years ago.

I have an appointment with Mr. Evans in southampton genral 22nd july, i was just wondering whether anyone is experiencing or experienced anything similar?

Im getting very worried as im only 19.