Well after almost four years of battling with my surgeon to list me for surgery he's finally agreed it's the best course of action due to my progressing curves and the issues they are causing. 4 years my lumbar curve was 35 degrees and my kyphosis at 60 degrees and now I'm sat here with a lumbar curve of 55 degrees, lordosis at 79 degrees, thoracic curve at 35 degrees and an 85 degree kyphosis. Quite some progression eh!
He told me he's doing it to not only stop the curves but to slow my chances of bad arthritis as it's inevitable within the next few years. Also I'm having bladder issues, my reflexes are crazy, pain is everywhere and I had a positive hoffmans test so I have to go for nerve conduction tests too due to no upper lesions on scans.
Luckily my cervical spine is better than though so it's hoped to come into alignment by itself but I won't know how big my fusion will be until my pre op. The registrar is happy to not fuse to my sacrum but my surgeon is saying otherwise due to stability being poor in that area so who knows lol.

So here goes the countdown....and finally I feel relieved to kind of see a small flicker of light and the end of a very long tunnel
Hope you're all well!
Sam xx