Well, I am not sure if anyone remembers or not but in March I Saw my first specialist "double curve, 52, 36 degrees" from KU med center and I was HIGHLY disappointed! Basically I was told I was fine, stay thin and keep working out.

Today I saw Dr. Allan Moskowitz in Wichita Kansas and I was blown away at how thorough he was. I was measured in more ways then I thought possible, over 25 new x-rays done in over 15 positions, and over an hour spent discussing various things in grave detail!

He basically explained that this is not going to stop or fix itself and I am progressing at 2.75* a year and we need to stop the progression. He said the sooner we stop it the better results I will more then likely have, that he can correct at least 50% and that decreases 10% yearly. My husband then asked what he recommended and he looked at us like we asked an insane question, and responded "She obviously needs an operation" ironically it was gut wrenching but felt amazing to know I wasn't crazy!!!

Now...my questions. The first specialist said that due to the degeneration in L1-L5 primarily 4 and 5 there was NO way I would benefit from a fusion. Dr. Moskowitz says he needs to test the disc, if indeed its bad itll be taken
out and a spacer used? What all does this mean? And secondly, I have a "discogram" or "Disc-CT" scheduled in 2 weeks. I am TERRIFIED of this! I read the most awful things about this test!! How bad is it that I am more afraid of this test then the surgery "for now"!!!! Thank you for any advice!