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Thread: Adult scoliosis dr?

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    Default Adult scoliosis dr?

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a clinic or a doctor that would see an adult in Edmonton Ab Canada ? I have had scoliosis since age 12 went to dr. Morrow thru adolescence had a brace while I was growing ect. Been to massage chiro ecty entire life but I'm tired of feeling like crap everyday. Always stiff and sore and aches and pains it's tiering feeling like this on a daily basis and am wondering if surgery is the next step. My curve is not life threating or anything like that I'm just tired of feeling like this. Thanks for any advice that you may have.

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    Hi there

    Most of us are UK based but we do have some members from Canada who might be able to help you if they see your post Other than that, it might be worth searching through the pinned post about consultants in the USA, Canada and Australia. It's not very ordered I'm afraid, my geography is terrible so I wouldn't know where to start
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