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    Hi everyone, my daughter (13) is currently under the care on Mr Lehovsky at RNOH. She has a double curve 33 top and 35 bottom, she was due to be braced but after examining her MRI results Mr Lehovsky found she also has spondylosis with level 1 spondylolistesis (which for anyone unsure means she has broken the base of her spine and the vertebra has slipped up to 25%) we have been advised that this is causing her curve to increase and therefore will need to be fused in the very near future to hopefully stop further progression. She will still need to be braced once the break in the spine has been dealt with.
    Mr L has referred her for a CT scan with an injection of steroid and local anaesthetic. The appointment has now arrived for this and will go ahead on 29th May at the Stanmore.

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience of this type of CT and injection (the letter refers to it as CT facet joint injection of lumbar spine) as my daughter is quite worried about what lies ahead and how painful this might be, I want to reassure her but don't know anything about this procedure other than what the letter says, which doesn't give any indication of how uncomfortable this might be.

    Its very daunting at the moment as we had just prepared ourselves for her to be braced and were very shocked to find out about the break and that she now faces surgery.
    Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. xxx

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    Oh heck, I'm so sorry to read this It certainly sounds as though Mr Lehovsky is on the case though and he comes very well recommended by members here. I'm afraid I have no experience of steroid injections but we do have members with experience of these, so I'm sure they'll chip in when they see this
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