Thanks Lozzy Yes it does, think I'll start going for walks next week, once im used to being at home without all the secrity there is while I was in hospital. But I am yes, the only pain i get is from my shoulder muscles being stiff, the worst time is when i wake up in the morning when my whole back is stiff, but i know this will go in time Certainly will

And on another note, im booked for more surgery... This time to do the front of my neck as he wants to make sure its all stable as he needed to go to C5 but the good thing is, this will be the last one he has to do if it all goes well and i heal up well at the moment, its booked for the 5th of June, but im going to be changing it when i go and see Mr B on the 2nd. As its a bit impraticle for my parents to take even more time off work. So if i can it'll happen around mid to late July.

And on another note, Monday will be the first proper trip out post op, as im going to a family meal for my Grandmas birthday. Feel good and strong for this! Just dreading the 20-30 min car ride, but i did well coming back from hospital and it will be easier as theres no speed bumps along the way but they didnt cause major issues for me. Will have to remember the all important pillow