Well It's a year on and all is well. I went for my 12 month check up, last monday and everyone is happy. My spine is starting to fuse. Mr G told me the metal work would stay in forever, which I guessed it would. There are some bumps running down my back, which I don't mind too much and he said he couldn't do anything about. TBH If I look normal in a t-shirt then I'm happy.

I've recently started my first job in 10 years, It's a bit hard on the back, with the bending down. But I'm getting used to it. Being 6ft 4 just means you get used to having bend down a lot. I try to use my knees but they ain't the best at times!

I've been going to the gym for the past 9/10 months and doing weight training. I get the odd day where my back is aching like mad and I just need to lay down. But other then that I feel normal as I can be.

To anyone who's feeling like they wished they never went through with their surgery, I've been there, right to the bottom of the pit. Sometimes you get unlucky, I was unlucky 10 years ago. I finally said enough is enough and went back for another go. I went into it with a positive attitude and as prepared as I could be.

Stay positive!