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Thread: Just got my MRI results :(

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    Default Just got my MRI results :(

    So I was told I have a prolapse in my upper spine in the right side(I think he said thorax 12-13), that is damaging my nerves and I need surgery at the biggest hospital in my country (only one that performs this kind of surgery)

    I was also told I have scheurmann's, but I already knew this many years ago.

    I wasn't told much more, I will be informed further the 5th of May.

    I wonder how serious this is, anyone have experience with this before?

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    Default Re: Just got my MRI results :(

    Hi there, I have slipped discs at T10-T11-T12. It's rare to herniate thoracic disks I was told!
    How are you getting on with this now?

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