I need some advice. I'm going to be wearing my brace in school and just want to know how will it affect me? I mean like, will my brace make it awkward for me to sit on the chairs or lean forward to write during tests etc? Also moving around school, what would you guys advise, do you think I should get a early leave pass so I leave lessons like 2 minutes early so I won't get pushed and shoved- my school does have quite alot of people in. Or maybe a card which enables me to leave a classroom for a few minutes if my brace starts to irratate me- this might allow me to calm down if I get annoyed/upset and fix my brace (I don't really won't everyone to know just yet).

I don't know what to do my teachers have said they will do whatever I want. I know if I do get anything 'special' I wouldn't take advantage of it. What do you guys think??

Ellen x