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Thread: After scoliosis surgery bending of lower back and pain

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    Default After scoliosis surgery bending of lower back and pain

    Hello I'm Rebecca and I'm from the Netherlands. I had on 10 January this year my scoliosis surgery. Everything went really well and I was home after 8 days. Before surgery I had always pain between my shoulders. There was the curve. But 2 months after surgery I started feeling pain in my lower back. The pain became heavier so we made an appointment with my surgeon. He was afraid that a rod was moving, but after X-rays he told me there wasn't so he was happy. My mother told him that my lower back was looking more and more curved. You can see my hipbones coming more out. But my surgeon was happy that is was no rod and we have to wait because it is too early. Now I am really afraid that my lower back is going to bent more. This is besides my neck the only part that isn't fused. Did this happend to anyone else, curving of the spine that didn't fused after surgery?


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    Default Re: After scoliosis surgery bending of lower back and pain

    Hi Rebecca

    I'm sorry to hear about your lower back pain. Unfortunately, there can be a chance that the areas above or below the fused section of the spine can continue to curve, so I would advice making sure your surgeon keeps a close on eye on this. Hopefully it will just be your body adjusting and will ease off with time
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