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Thread: Seeking 2nd opinion in the US.

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    Question Seeking 2nd opinion in the US.

    I live in Kansas and have recently gone to my first specialist appointment since 2003. He was from Kansas City and he is the only one near me so now I am ready to travel.

    In 2010 I was a double curve "S" at 36* and 30*. I am now 51.8* and 36*. That's about 13* over 4 years. The specialist said that the last 2 discs are bad, degenerated and bulging with a small tear and that although I would benefit from a fusion as far as stopping the curve he thinks I would be in greater pain because the heavy fusion would be sitting on those discs so there was nothing he could do. I find this odd because he also told me upon viewing only the new xrays that it would stay the same degree and IF it progressed it wouldn't be but .5* a year. I told him I felt as though I may have gotten worse since 2010 and that's when he looked at the old xrays. He actually got a protractor out because he said that couldn't be correct. Nope I indeed had gotten worse. Advised me to stay active and work my core. In 2010 I took personal training courses through our local gym and I am in the best shape iv ever been in, the pain has now become unbearable and that was the response I got from the long awaited appointment.

    First question is does any one have suggestions as far as the US go? I am looking into Dr. Geck from Austin Texas, He is known for the minimally invasive approach. And also I would like to know if anyone has an opinion on what I was told? I cant be the only person who had bad discs and needed a fusion? I am scared of my future at a 2.75* increase every year? I just want it stopped. HELP!

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Seeking 2nd opinion in the US.

    Hi Mrs Krier...have you found anyone?

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    Default Re: Seeking 2nd opinion in the US.


    Some thoughts....

    If you have your x-rays you could e-mail them to Dr Pashman in LA and he would do a 2nd opinion for a fee......If you donít, next time you shoot, try to get copies burned to disc. This goes for all diagnostics....MRI and CT scans....If you have a choice, do the MRI 1st and avoid the CT if at all possible due to radiation. CT scans emit a lot of radiation.

    Leaving your home state can present problems with your insurance company. This you want to check into as some used to only cover 50% and believe me, its going to be pricey. Deductibles and co-pays these days can give one a heart attack.... I had to foot $1800 for a cervical MRI last year....(You can do a reduced cash offer "up front"....since many diagnostic centers love cash and hate paperwork) Just a few tricks of the trade Iíve learned the hard way.....

    You know this doc in Kansas gave you good advice....if your lowest levels are roasted, throwing a fusion mass on top will more than likely require a revision surgery down the road. This is well known. Having herniated lumbar discs under makes it tricky. Can we assume this is at L4-L5, L5-S1 ???

    At age 28, fusing to the pelvis will take some thought......and most surgeons out there with some integrity will not do this easily....There are not that many people fused all the way down to the pelvis like me....

    I donít think that ďinfluencingĒ a decision is insisting on minimally invasive, or reducing levels, or hardware selection. Its best to go in blind and see what a surgeon thinks....ask, but donít insist.

    In looking at the map, you also have St Louis (Dr Lenke group) and TCSC Twin Cities Scoliosis center around the same distance.....Both are extremely credible scoliosis centers. My surgeon was trained at TCSC.

    Once again, a good surgeon will exhaust all non-invasive measures first....and insurance companies also require this since they donít like paying for expensive surgeries if they donít have to....


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