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Wow- glad to hear your success story of getting the rods removed. I am 18 years old and I am getting my rods out on June 3rd, 2014. I am terrified. I'm so nervous about all of the risks. I'm nervous about tissue damage. I am nervous about more pain after surgery. I am nervous about curving after surgery. I am nervous that as I age I will start hunching over. I am in so much pain everyday that i want the rods removed, but I'm still just so terrified that something could go wrong. Are you in less pain now that your rods are removed? Do you look any different now? I would really like some advice. I hate going through this.
thank you
Haley Q.
Hi Haley,
Its for the reasons that you have listed that make me cautious about having my hardware removed. I am in continued pain from some protruding screws (I'm pretty sure its that) and my surgeon has offered me removal but some days I don't feel I'm bad enough. He told me there would be a 10-15% chance of recurve as the spine settles after removal. He said the surgery itself is much easier than putting it all in but he couldn't guarantee my pain would be relieved, I suspect that it would be a different pain. My GP said that more scar tissue is a probability. My curve was 72 degrees and ver stiff-i was almost 45 at the time of surgery so I had carried this curve around for a long time. The screws that protrude are holding my curve straight so I worry if they are removed my curve would come back badly. I'm now considering injections.

It sounds as though your pain is affecting your daily life though and you are young so in your case removal would probably be beneficial. Shame we can't see the future but sometimes you have to take chances in order to have a better one

All the best xx