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    Finally home from RNOH, after 5 hours of waiting for our meds :<
    We are AMAZED by the results from the xray, I had a 90 degree curve and its practically almost straight. Will post pictures later.
    Becky put a cushion at the inside of my brace because it was digging into my shoulders and made them felt like they were on fire, literally.
    now on the road to recovery

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    So very pleased to hear you're home safe and sound Hope your recovery goes smoothly
    Me, a Mod? Nah ... I'll always be a rocker

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    Great news wishing you a speedy recovery x
    Mum to Aaron who has congenital kyphosis . Surgery performed by Mr Lehovsky and his team (Matt & Charlie ) on Tuesday 18th February at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore . surgery was anterior and posterior approach carried out in the one surgery .

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    Glad to hear your home. Take it easy and listen to your body xxx
    35 year old, diagnosed @ 15 with 75* curve, progressed to double curve 110* and 60* by time of surgery.
    2stage surgery under Mr Lehovsky @ Stanmore aged 32- Anterior 16th Jan 2013 and Posterior 22nd Jan 2013. Came home 30th Jan 2013. Fused t1-t12.
    I am very thankful to Mr Lehovsky, Hanny registrar, Dr Inyaki and the rest of guys at RNOH Stanmore for taking such good care of me and giving me a chance to improve my life.

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