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Thread: Atlas Adjustment?

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    Default Atlas Adjustment?

    My younger sister said her friends mother recently had an adjustment called an "atlas adjustment" which apparently can straighten the spine over a period of about 12 months. I of course rolled my eyes and gave her the "yeah right" and then of course looked it up online and there seems to be some pretty positive feedback. Has anyone experience this type of adjustment with positive results? I have severe scoliosis but don't really experience much pain; I just have a very bothersome rib hump. Just wondering if anyone knows a bit more about it or has experienced it.

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    I have heard of it being used to correct a mild scoliosis but I don't have any personal experience of it. I can see it might work if something happens to knock it out of alignment and then the rest of the body compensates and develops a scoliosis. But it would need to be done soon after whatever caused it to happen because otherwise the changes in the spine become permanent. This is what I couldn't understand when I saw an NHS physio - she kept trying to 'correct' my wonky pelvis but of course it didn't hold because the spine was pulling it out of alignment. Or was it the atlas pulling the spine which was pulling the pelvis out of alignment? There seem to be different theories about where the problem it the pelvis and then it works its way up? Or does it start in the atlas and then the imbalance works its way down? Makes my brain hurt just thinking about it!!

    I doubt that it would have any effect on severe scoliosis though

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