Hi everyone, I just signed up to this site - I'm new here.

I'm 21 years old. I was diagnosed with postural kyphosis when I was 20. We don't actually have great doctors around where I live, they're not knowledgeable. I'm very skeptical about a lot of things. I'm always in doubt. The things is I knew that there was a problem with my back ever since I was younger 13-14. But my parents always were oblivious about it. They always said to me " Your spine will get straight as you grow". I knew that they were wrong.

Anyways, considering that I'm still young and I do sports, I got muscles everywhere, my curvature is around 65 degrees. They say the brace won't straighten your spine when the growth is finished, which I don't believe on that theory, I'm still young, CMON ?!?!

I believe the brace should work on my age, if I hold it daily for 8 hours. Doing it that way for 3 months, it should correct it around 5 or 6 degrees lower.

I don't have a brace, never used one. I'm planning to buy it if I find the real answers and support.

My question is > Has anybody out there tried the brace on my same age as me, if yes, then did it help, could it straighten it ?

What do you guys think? Should I buy the brace and try it the way I'm saying? I believe that it will work. Otherwise, I don't need no surgery and nobody really wants titanium instrumentation inside their bodies, I would only if I had no other choice. Also, they should invent a new surgical spine operacion, a better one. This one is very risky and not good at all.