Good Morning:
My son, who just turned 14 this past week was diagnosed with a Scheuermann's Kyphosis and mild scoliosis. What was me telling him to stand up straight got my mom's attention (she is an RN) and then the pediatrician. I feel bad that I waited several months to remember to set an orthopedic appointment and now here we are. We were pretty bowled over to get this diagnosis as I didn't think there was really anything wrong. He has mild asperger's syndrome as well and so I thought the slouching was more personality driven and maybe he'd get an elastic back brace and some PT. So we were pretty much in shock. Anyway, he has a 76 degree curve apparently and they told us the news and sent us off to bracing without a whole lot of discussion other than according to the doctor "you can't force the brace". Um, ok.

So we went to the brace guy and he measured my son for the Milwaukee brace. Obviously he is upset at the thought of this and in the past few days I have done a lot of reading. The brace guy isn't familiar with the Kyphologic brace or any other alternatives which led me to make some other calls. We have an appointment with Shriners (Dr. Hammerberg) in Chicago in a week and a half and maybe he can give us some guidance.
But my long-winded post (sorry) I have a couple of questions if you all don't mind.

1. Has anyone successfully used the Kyphologic brace instead of the Milwaukee brace?
2. I have read that bracing isn't really effective over 70 degrees. Is surgery inevitable?
3. Has anyone done surgery in lieu of bracing with a larger curve? I hate to put him through this bracing regimen if it is inevitable that he will need surgery.
4. Is it crazy to think that doing surgery sooner than later (while he is in 8th grade now) so he could be good to go for high school?
The compounding factors are his social skills and awareness to begin with. He has trouble socially on a good day and deals with pretty moderate anxiety issues anyway. It's been a tough year for him as it is and I think this might push him over the edge.
So, any advice and help is so appreciated from where to go (will travel wherever) to what to do. Thank you all so much.