Hi, I posted last year to say how I went back to query my large rib hump after being 8 years post op and was told after having a CT scan that due to my rib hump being mostly spine nothing can be done apart from inserting a implant onto the other side of my back so both sides look the same which to me sounds even worse!
I know that my curve was over 150 degrees pre op but I am finding it really had to deal with that nothing can be done as I am so self concious of it and I feel uncomfy all the time because no matter what I wear nothing fits properly.
I would like to upload a pic if someone could tell me where to send it to?
Tonibunny has always been there to give me great advice and I was going to see the syrgeon you advised privately but did not book it after I was told nothing could be done as he may say the same?