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Thread: Second surgical opinion = Confusion and discouragement

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    Quote Originally Posted by GillyG View Post
    The thing which worries me most about this is that one specialist says you have Scheuermann's and the other says you don't It is a very specific type of kyphosis which is diagnosable form X-rays due to the wedging of the vertebrae. Do you have any copies of your X-rays for us to see?
    I agree totally, Gilly! It seems like either you'd have the indicators for it or not. But the second neurosurgeon stated I didn't have those indicators and there was only wedging on one vertebrae... This isn't completely new for me however. I've had numerous x-rays over the years and some radiologists have said the findings were consistent with SK and others have said they weren't. I don't get it.

    If you'd like I can attach a photo of the x-ray taken at the 2nd neurosurgeon's office (it's not super clear - I took the pic while he was out of the room). Plus I have a copy of my MRI films that show my partially corrected spine (since I was lying down). If you think it'd be a help, I can post those as well.
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    I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Kyphosis at age 16. I had an 80-degree thoracolumbar kyphosis and mild scoliosis. 30 years later, I had posterior fusion surgery, expertly handled by Dr. Sethi on Earth Day 2014. The surgery reduced my kyphosis to 50 degrees and my scoliosis to about zero.

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    Default Re: Second surgical opinion = Confusion and discouragement

    I'm not super experienced at reading X-rays and stuff, unlike Toni and titch, but any images you are happy to share might help us to comment. I looked back at the earlier X-ray you'd posted a link to (thanks Ange, must have missed it before ) and I *think* I can also see some wedging going on there.
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