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    Smile surgery risks

    hi its doshie 42 here i just wondered if there are any people in the same boat as i am my son callum has cerebral palsy and has just been diagnosed with severe double scoliosis. He was seen last week by dr thanos tsirikos in edinburgh i have been told he is too late for bracing his lower curve is at 82% and the upper one is 52% i have been told things will only get worse if we do nothing at the moment his quality of life is starting to diminish quite rapidly he also has spinal cysts which i have been told will make this more risky my head feels like it is going to explode any friendly advice whether we should say yes to surgery i would be very grateful.

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    Hi there

    Aimee has surgery in edinburgh 2weeks ago by Mr garrido , I can't fault them . There is a team of 3 mr garrido ,mr adams and your surgeon . Theses guys do this surgery all the time and don't take any of my neighbours didn't have surgery as a child , she is now in her 60s and is severely affected , has a stair lift is pretty much wheelchair bound , has . Been like that since her 30s so didn't want that to be Aimee in her adult life.

    We didn't have some of the other risk factors you have but would think about how that would affect them in 10 , 20 or30 years down the line .

    Best of luck with whatever you decide


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    Hi, best people to know the risks r the spine surgeons themselves. Possibly get a 2nd and 3rd opinion also do some research on who has operated on similar cases. The consequences of not doing surgery on curves thay bad are serious because they will almost certainly progress and curves over 100are a serious health risk.

    All the best

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    Hi doshie

    I'm sorry to read about your son's condition Those curves are pretty severe already, I think surgery is probably the only way forward for him We'll be here to support you in any way we can though
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