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    Hi ya all. Good to be here.
    Last night the Er physician said that my spine had collapsed.
    Scared the heck out of me. Didn't give me any pain meds, just said to go take Tylenol and aspirin together, call my family practitioner. What kind of treatments does a spinal collapse require? rods? gel injections? ,signed scared stiff.

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    Hiya, welcome to SSO

    "Spinal collapse" isn't a specific diagnosis and could mean various things. For example, with scoliosis it could mean that the curvature has got big enough that it is progressing due to the effects of gravity, or it could mean that some of your spinal discs have degenerated over time (this is a normal symptom of aging, but in some people it can happen prematurely or be worse than expected). Or it could mean something else. So, I'm afraid it's difficult to say what treatment you may need.

    For all spinal conditions it's usually best to try conservative (non-surgical) treatments first before considering surgery. If your main concern is pain then there are a lot of things that you can try; these range from physio to strengthen the muscles and support the spine, to painkillers and various types of steroid injections.

    Please don't be scared! You first need to see your GP and get referred to an orthopaedic spinal specialist (an MD rather than a chiropractor) and get a diagnosis of what's going on with your back. Then you can plan what to do. Don't worry, we'll be here to help you through

    Toni xx
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    Hi there

    I would have replied the same as Toni (only not as eloquently ), but I'm not surprised he scared you stiff, what a ridiculous thing to come out with and then give no explanation

    Anyway, I'm glad you've found us, we'll help you in any way we can, you're among friends now
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    Default Re: Spinal Collapse

    I agree with Toni and Gilly. That's a really unhelpful thing for the dr to say to you.

    Definitely get yourself referred to a scoliosis specialist.

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