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Thread: Scoliosis surgery success rate?

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    Default Scoliosis surgery success rate?

    Hey guys,

    I am really considering surgery. I am not sure though. I dont have much pain but its really getting annoyingly uncomfortable and unbearable sometimes due to my uneven leg lengths. I am sick of wearing my shoe lifts. I just want to stand straight with both of my legs equal and wear normal shoes My leg length discrepancy due to scoliosis is about 5cm and I wear a 3.5cm shoe lifts that almost balances my legs. I'm 18 years old. Curves are about thoracic 65 degrees and lumbar 80 degrees (This was in 2008).

    Here are some links to my back pics currently...

    I dont know how my curves are right now. My curves havent progressed ever since I was 13 according to my previous and first orthopaedic surgeon . My curves could be the same right now or maybe a little bit more which I hope not. I have an upcoming appointment with another orthopaedic surgeon in Sept to get a second opinion and to check up on my spine and discuss about surgery n stuff. I was just wondering what is the success rate for scoliosis surgery? All of you who have done surgery, was your back almost straight? was your uneven leg lengths 100% equal? were you back to your daily routines quickly? I hate to say this..I hope it didnt happen to anyone but Is there anyone who has got paralyzed or even died in terms of history of scoliosis surgery? sorry if these question is bothering but I need to know coz I am really scared. Also is there anyone much older who havent done surgery and still doing ok in life?....Is there anyone whos about the same curves and leg lengths like me? I want to talk to someone who has similar curves like me and been through surgery when they were a teenager or even in your 20s coz I might do it when I m in my 20s. Plz msg me. It would really make me feel better. Cant wait to hear your replies!!!


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    Default Re: Scoliosis surgery success rate?

    Ooo, that's one nasty lumbar curve you have there

    I have no idea what the actual stats are regarding success of the surgery, but I can tell you a little of my own experience if that might help?

    I also had an 80 degree lumbar curve prior to surgery (a single, uncompensated C-curve in my case) and had a considerable leg length discrepancy due to my tilted pelvis. Post surgery my hips are almost level and the leg lengths much more equal, although not perfect. However, I do still have a 47 degree residual curve since part of my spine had self-fused that way and could not be straightened. I guess that's one of the downsides of not having surgery until I was 49, but I was always told it wouldn't get worse as a teenager, and then that I was too old for corrective surgery when in my 20's!! Thank goodness for modern instrumentation and techniques
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