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Thread: Is it possible to get a copy of my xray?

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    Default Is it possible to get a copy of my xray?

    Hi,just wandering if anyone knows whether i'm allowed to get a copy of my xray? If so how do i go about it?
    I had an xray at my local hospital and results were sent to my GP.
    thankyou x

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    Default Re: Is it possible to get a copy of my xray?

    You should be able to get a copy on CD from either imaging (PACS) department, or from Health Records at the hospital. If your hospital has a website, try there first - it may have details on how you can do this. If not, i'd try calling radiology where you had the x ray done. You'll probably have to pay for it (I paid 9 for mine) and have to complete a disclaimer form, but hopefully once this is done you'll have your own copy to keep forever
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    Default Re: Is it possible to get a copy of my xray?

    Yes you can get copies but you have to pay and mine took about 40 days to come through so didnt get them when i needed them but at least ihave them. You dont have to pay if private.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to get a copy of my xray?

    I phoned the hospital where I had my xrays done and they put them all on a CD for me, and it cost 5. As Sally says, there is usually a section on most hospital websites which gives you the right contact no/email to contact for xrays etc.

    My surgeon also emailed me my 3 post op xrays recently for free! So may be worth asking
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