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Thread: one cold foot!!

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    Ryan is nearly 4 weeks post op and I have noticed something rather foot is constantly cold!! The other gets warm normally, but the other is nearly always cold, although it does warm up slightly (but less than the other) when tucked up in bed. Now, I am confident that it is nothing serious, probably just ciruculation or something, BUT, I have a tendancy to be a little too relaxed sometimes and thought I would throw it out there and see what others think Gwen

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    I've noticed on here that a few people, myself included, suffer with big toe numbness. I do have one foot that looks a different colour to the other, but I've not felt/noticed one being colder that the other. Ask your specialist - that's what they are there for! I asked my GP about my numb toe and he dismissed it as nothing.
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    Even before my surgery, I have had my whole left leg colder than my right, but my foot gets particularly icy. Pre surgery I was getting numbness too but not so much post surgery. I have mentioned it on quite a few occassions, and all that anyone is worried about is whether there is any loss of bowel or bladder sensations. I have had the reflexes and pulse checked in that leg/foot and have all been o.k. So far though, no one has given me an explanation for it, but have said its nothing to worry about.
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