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Perhaps a good solution for the early days to allow you to have the baby with you much more often (and allow discreet and easy breastfeeding) would be to use a sling? I can get more information on them for you from devotees who know a lot more than I do I didn't use one simply because I'm already pitched forward, so to add nearly 10lbs of baby to that (I know that the bump weighed more, but that was also attached differently!!) just wasn't going to work for me, but most people find them fantastic. (If we do have another I'll try to ensure I'm strong enough, and I'll have had my revision-of-revision by then too, so should be upright, so plan to use one)

Also, just don't listen to people :P Some said I was huge, others said I was carrying really small, and all in all I came to the conclusion people didn't know what on earth they were talking about!!
Diagnosed at 15 with 50 curve, but probably juvenile IS. Fused in kyphosis (by non-specialised ortho) with a/p surgery T10-L2 @ 21, posterior only revision surgery to correct kyphosis @ 29. Now 38 with further revision surgery and extension of fusion to sacrum required to correct residual kyphosis, restore lordosis and address spinal stenosis.
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