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Thanks for the reply Rachie. I'm doing ok - feeling very much like a beached whale. Even a stranger stopped me in the street today to say she sees me every day and I'm enormous. Gee, thanks..... I thought i was doing well at only having put 2 stone on!

My sister lives down the road and my mum has already booked lots of time off work to give me a hand post-op. I'm not so worried about once we're home (perhaps I should be?), but more how i'm going to manage in the hospital as I don't want to be away from either of them but know i'm going to have to be realistic about how much I can manage without accepting help (i'm not very good at that). I was also planning on b-feeding, so don't know how that will work if i'm not around the baby very much.

Anyway, this is turning into an essay....thanks again
Andrea x
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